• Why is Croatia so popular?

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    yacht sailing in Croatia

    Croatia offers a numerous variety of interesting destinations you can discover on a sailing yacht. It is a popular summer holiday destination for most Slovaks and families with children. The wind in the sails, the sun, the sea all around you, and the Croatian coastline sparks a wonderful atmosphere. Even more, you can choose from more than 1200 islands for sailing. Sailboats are ideal for the summer season. Thanks to the warm sea, the sun and an unforgettable feeling of freedom your vacation will be even more pleasant. 

    Why do people opt for sailing?

    Many people often, despite their initial fear, choose to rent a sailboat in Croatia. Thanks to the sea cruise you will have an opportunity to experience the real sea and see the coast from a different perspective. You will enjoy your sailing Croatia even more if you have good sailing skills or have already experienced sailing in Croatia. However, if you do not have any experience, experts from the agency or charter company, as Luxurysailing.eu etc, will certainly recommend a skillful captain.

    What are the popular tourist destinations for sailing?

    Ideal countries for sailing are those, where there is a great interest in chartering, low prices for the service provided, low fees or no fees. Within the European countries, the best alternative is Croatia, Turkey or Greece. The sailing experience offers you a chance to get to know the surroundings and coast along. Sailing Croatia can also be arranged through a travel agency where you can book the entire tour. Those more expensive countries are exotic Maldives, Seycheles, Bahamas or spanish islands.

    What do sailboat fees include?

    The fees you will have to pay include the price of renting a sailing yacht. In some countries, you have to pay tourist tax, as it is also the case of some hotels. The fees also include gasoline and final cleaning, which is mandatory. 

    When is the time for sailing?

    The best time for sailing in Croatia is different from person to person. The best time for companies is already april or may. They use sailing for teambuilding or special regattas. June, July and August is the perfect time for family sailing. The sea is already warmer. Nothing happens if you do not manage sailing directly during the summer. The sailing season in Croatia ends in October when the temperatures are still ideal. September and October especially fit to people, which don’t like crowded creeks.

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